Workshop 3: SDS

Topic: Standards applicable to Digital Substations
Date: 2018 October 15, Monday
Time: 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Coordinator: Randy Kimura of AltaLink

Digital substation technology is evolving rapidly, creating challenges in the selection, implementation, and ongoing support of the associated equipment and systems. Numerous organizations bring together experts from around the world to collaborate on standards to support digital substation initiatives. This workshop is an introduction to the industry standards applicable to the life cycle of a digital substation – from equipment selection to the design, engineering and operation of digital substations. A wide range of standards are introduced from the older, widely adopted standards (e.g. DNP3) to the newest releases (e.g. digital interfaces for instrument transformers) to standards being developed.

Presenter: Randy Kimura and Thomas Man, AltaLink

Outline: This workshop covers industry standards including the following highlights:

  • An introduction to standards development with an explanation of the workings of an international standards organization and a user group technical committee.
  • Applicable equipment selection standards for the evaluation of reliability, cyber security capabilities, EMI immunity and environmental type tests.
  • Standards for the design of digital substation architectures addressing networking architectures, time synchronization, and communications. The discussion includes standards supporting external interfaces and communications (e.g. substation to control center).
  • Engineering focused standards to support programmable logic, data modelling, and interoperability. The discussion extends beyond protection and SCADA data modelling to include condition monitoring, FACTS, and DER.

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