Siemens Technical Tutorial – Transformer Monitoring

Tutorial Presenter

This seminar includes presentations on the latest in transformer online monitoring. Power transformers are typically the single largest capital investment in a substation and monitoring can be leveraged to meet different objectives.  Monitoring can encompass something as simple as an oil level gauge or as complex as a full digitalized analytic system.  Advancements in transformer monitoring technologies and the integration of various monitoring solutions will be presented.

Date: 2018 October 18, Thursday
Time: 8:00 am to 12:00 noon
Location: Westin Hotel, Calgary
Topic: Transformer Monitoring Advancements

  • Thomas Schneider
  • Yuri Rossini

1) 40min (15 minutes for Q&A): Introduction, reasons why monitoring is important, ageing of insulation, transformer failure rates, consequences of failures, etc.

2) 70min (15 min for Q&A): Overview about most common transformer monitoring sensors: H2, DGA, bushings, tap changer, partial discharge and temperature

20min break

3) 70min (15 min for Q&A): Introduction of monitoring systems, hardware, visualization demo, knowledge modules, communication infrastructure, etc.

4) 40min (15 min for Q&A): Assessment software, integration into asset management systems

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