Welcome to the 2018 CIGRE Canada Conference & Expo

Customers are demanding reliable and affordable electricity with an eye to reducing the impact of generation on our environment. Today, there are more options and greater access to information for customers to choose to meet their energy needs. This reality, combined with the unparalleled development of distributed energy resources and other disruptive technologies that are alternatives to the grid, requires us to think differently about how our industry will evolve in a new world.

Our grid needs to be resilient and responsive. We need to adapt to changing and diverse customer expectations. And we need to find ways to leverage the existing aging assets. As renewable and distributed energy resources play a larger role, the grid will enable the future of the electricity industry.

The grid of tomorrow requires the electricity industry to collaborate and innovate today as we adapt to changes at an increasingly rapid rate. CIGRE Canada 2018 will bring together energy and power system leaders and experts to discuss practical solutions to meet these opportunities head-on to better serve our customers.

On behalf of the CIGRE Canadian National Committee and AltaLink, we would like to welcome you to the 13th annual CIGRE Canada technical conference in Calgary, Alberta. AltaLink is proud and excited to host the largest annual event in Canada promoting CIGRE and the advancement of power systems and solutions. Building on the success of past events, we look forward to you being able to learn and share knowledge and experiences, and network with your industry colleagues as we build the future together.

Mike & Colin

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