Technical Tour

Hydro One's Central Maintenance Services

October 25, 2021

9:50 AM to 1:30 PM


Hydro One’s Central Maintenance Services, CMS, is one of the largest high voltage maintenance facilities in North America. This 55 acre facility is responsible for maintaining, storing, testing and repairing bushings, transformers, breakers, reclosers, emergency towers and other operating power equipment and parts, having them ready for emergency replacements and scheduled maintenance. This impressive facility is home to a 35 acre outdoor storage yard and 1.25 acre indoor warehouse of electrical power equipment. As well as 1.5 acres of specialized workshops, notably the oil circuit reclosure shop, bushing testing shop, mechanical & welding shop, paint shop, low bay and high bay, which is equipped with a 344 ton hoist to lift the heavy transmission equipment around the shop. Furthermore, this tour also includes a look at their on site oil farm where transformer oil is filtered and stored and previously used transformer oil is cleaned and ready for re-use. CMS is located in Pickering, a short 40 minute drive from downtown Toronto.

Please note that all visitors will be required to wear hard hat, safety glasses and steel toe shoes. Hard hats and glasses will be available to borrow with advanced notice.

This tour is able to accommodate approximately 35 visitors (broken into three smaller tour groups of 10-15 while visiting the facility) and includes the following contents:

  • High bay, paint shop, gasket demo (30 minutes)
  • Low bay, bushing shop demos (30 minutes)
  • Machine shop and demo (20 minutes)
  • Oil farm (20 minutes)
  • OCR reclosers and demos (30 minutes)
  • Indoor inventory (20 minutes)
  • Outdoor storage yard (20 minutes)

The Hydro One Kleinburg Training Centre Tour

October 25, 2021

1:00 PM to 4:00 PM


The Hydro One Kleinburg Training Centre is one of Canada’s largest and busiest training facilities offering a wide range of courses to apprentices and professionals within the Electrical Transmission and Distribution Sector. Employees from Hydro One, Provincial Local Distribution Companies and from around the world participate in courses specific to Powerline Technician Apprenticeship Training, Bulk Electrical Systems, Metering, Area Distribution Engineering Technician Training, Substations, and Underground Cables. Participant safety and wellness is our primary focus. Health and safety is woven throughout all programming incorporating a dedicated focus towards hazard identification, hazard elimination and hazard control. Musculoskeletal injury prevention and work positioning is discussed prior to all daily practical training sessions and documented on all Tailboard Job Plan Folders.

Your visit to the Kleinburg Training Centre includes a site orientation, classroom tour / discussion explaining the various training experiences offered on site. Your experience also includes a guided tour of the Transmission & Distribution Training Fields where, from designated safe observation zones, you will be able to observe daily training activities and interact with the lead instructors and industry professionals. Typical training modules may include:

  • Transmission Tower Rescue
  • Vibration Damper Replacement on 230kV Tower Structures
  • Live Line Rubber Glove Techniques up to 36kV
  • Live Line Tool Techniques on 44kV and above systems
  • Overhead Distribution Transformer Installation / Banking
  • Tower Structure and Wood Pole Climbing Techniques
  • Underground System Switching and De-energization processes

Upon the completion of your tour we welcome you back to one of our classrooms for refreshments and an open discussion question and answer period. On behalf of Hydro One and our colleagues at the Kleinburg Training Centre, we are honored by your interest in our facility and look forward to working with you!

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